ASFW Poultry and Dairy

The ASFW Poultry and Dairy (Pvt) Limited has more than four state-of-the-art controlled broiler sheds to produce broiler meat. The broiler houses are equipped with latest equipment of the world renowned companies i.e. Roxell (USA), Chore Time (USA), Big Dutchmen (Germany) and SKOV / Viper controllers, automatic static pressure controls for minimum ventilation system etc.

To provide a comprehensive range of competitive products and technical services to our customers through adoption of innovative technology and effective resource management. We aim at achieving this goal by maintaining high ethical and professional standards in ourselves and our products.

We strive hard to keep our work environment in total compliance with the internationally recognized and recommended health and safety standards. We remain vigilant in Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) protocols. Our Bio-Security standards are unique in Pakistan as we  humbly claim to be the only company in Pakistan with Double-Layered Bio-Security Systems and Ultra Violet Lamps to gain access to our production units. Likewise, we have a strict Personal Protective Equipment Protocol (PPEP) System, for further vigilance on the Safety and occupational hazards.